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Touch of Excellence Academy is here for your Training and Development needs.
We are a team of training specialists who provide our clients with training in the following areas:​
* Social Graces
*and More!

Our training is available for solopreneurs, instructors, coaches, and business professionals.
The etiquette and social graces training is available for anyone who wants to develop the skills needed to be more considerate in everything they say and do.  


Self Development

Self-development is the process by which a person's character and abilities are gradually developed. Training is key to self-development.

We must be open to learn, develop new skills, and become a better person. As we learn, grow and develop, we can present ourselves as solopreneurs, trainers, instructors, coaches, etc. in excellence. 

Self-development is a journey and Touch of Excellence Academy is here to make that journey a little easier. 

Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or being exceptionally good. Excellence, NOT perfection, should be our goal in everything we do and say.


Train The Trainer Programs

Touch of Excellence Academy is an online training and development center for solopreneurs, trainers, instructors, facilitators, coaches, etc. 

We offer fun, interactive, and unique training programs, webinars, workshops, and digital courses.  

 Our training programs include the following topics:

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Customer Service

  • Business Etiquette

  • How to host workshops 

  • Client Services

  • Train the Trainer workshops

  • and more!

Etiquette and Social Graces

Etiquette and Social Graces are the foundation needed to walk in excellence. 

We are here to help your children, students, and young adults understand the rules for correct behavior. We are also here to train them and help them develop the skills needed to be considerate in everything they say and do and treat others the way they want to be treated. 

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Our Services


Etiquette Training

Our courses are all about adding that touch of excellence. We have etiquette and social graces training for children, young adults, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.  Click the button below for more information. 


Red Cross CPR Classes

Entrepreneurs, businesses, summer camps, and

nonprofit organizations benefit from the onsite group CPR training that we provide. Our American Red Cross instructors will come to your location and provide high quality CPR training , first aid, bloodborne pathogenes training, and more.


Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Fill out the contact form and we will respond within 24 hours.

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