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I'm Sanitra Morgan, CEO and Training Specialist for Touch of Excellence Academy. Thank you for trusting me with all your training needs. I look forward to helping you develop the skills you need to be walk in excellence and be successful in your personal and professional life. 

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My Story

I grew up in an environment where etiquette and manners were the norm.  I still remember taking the white glove classes at Dillard's. Any class my mom could find regarding etiquette, she signed me up for it. Of course, I did not appreciate it as much as I do now. 

My first training experience was at MLGW, a utility company in Memphis, TN. My position at the time required that I complete training for Administrative Assistants. The first day at their training center I fell in love with training. The trainer was amazing and I liked the way she was able to teach me new skills.  The time I was in that position I signed up for every training class my supervisor let me take, including Spanish classes. The environment was great and the activities, discussions, and hands-on training left an everlasting impression. I decided that I wanted to be a trainer and eventually have a training center one day. 

I went back to school and received my degree in Instructional Design - Training and Development. I ended up working for the American Red Cross as an Instructor shortly after I received my degree. I developed new skills and a love for helping others be prepared for life-threatening emergencies. During COVID I was let go and was heart broken.  I spent much time fasting and praying and seeking God for wisdom. God began to open my eyes and showed me how to take the experiences, skills, knowledge, and wisdom from my journey and create Touch of Excellence Academy.  I pray the love, passion and wisdom I have in the areas of etiquette, soft skills, training and development will bring out the best in every student and help them on this journey to excellence.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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